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Yoga From Heart Centre

Yoga From Heart helps us to move toward Holistic health more quickly than normal regular Yoga, and as such gives more mental peace and relaxation. Generally, Yoga From Heart is not focused on holding onto difficult asanas, but its major focus is on body movement and more awareness about body and mind. Asan Yoga is a unique approach to Yoga Teacher Training. Our goal is to make Yoga easy and available to all, so that people from all fields of society and all physical fitness levels can join a month-long training session and benefit in such a way that they can enjoy sharing it with other people.

We focus on creating joy and a deep passion for teaching Yoga. They will experience a life-transforming force during the training in a very easy and comfortable way. It also means that Yoga students can achieve advanced poses or extract the benefits of them very easily with the help of Yoga Props.

Yoga can help find harmony and also help deal with body ailments. At Yoga From Heart, we have expertise in all traditional and modern styles of yoga that help in the vibrant transformation of oneself for betterment. The team at Yoga From Heart is full of zest and has a positive attitude towards every client they deal with. Our approach with clients is on a personal level, which helps our trainers to treat them with ease. We even ensure that our highly efficient and talented team devote their sincere time and work with clients to achieve the desired results.

Benefits of yoga –

Yoga is an exertion which provides you with inflexibility, strength and mind- body synchronization. The mind- body approach helps you out to relax and amp. Yoga’s deep breathing and contemplation practices help relieve stress and declutter the mind, helping you to become more focused.

Benefits of Yoga

1. Increased muscle strength and tone the muscle inflexibility.

2. Weight reduction.

3. Cardio and circulatory health.

4. Balanced metabolism and injury protection.

Our mission –

Yoga From Heart, a creative and holistic learning space, strives on the mission to deliver “the best of age-old knowledge to contemporary life.”

In Yoga From Heart, we aim to spread the awareness of Yoga and its blessings and motivate individuals all across the globe to practice it. To make them realize that Yoga is not just a physical exercise but also a mental transformation that helps in the overall development of an individual.

In essence, we are helping people take care of both their minds & bodies by creating an inclusive, safe space that encourages healing, breathing new life into modern minds & bodies with all things Yoga!

Why Choose Us

Learn yoga from the Best Yoga From Heart in Kota. Yoga is a very deep and precise art form that requires the training and guidance of a well-trained yoga teacher.

Those who wish to explore the layers of this majestic science at a deeper and a more enhanced level should ideally enroll under a certified yoga teacher in Kota and learn from Best Yoga Experts in Kota, with whom you can gain authentic knowledge and experience in the science. A teacher plays the most significant role in the study and rightful practice of this divine art form. 

It takes years of learning, practice, and perseverance to master the art and science of yoga.

  • We Provide Professional and Certified Trainers.
  • Our rates are very competitive.
  • Consult With Our Trainer for Free.
  • Choose Your Class as You Wish.
  • Free Demo Classes.
  • Higher customer satisfaction.
  • Adventures Tours
  • Limited Members in a batch
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